Posted by admin on July 21, 2017
Canutito 'va a su primer' sock hop Por Larry Torres Canutito got en el bs that morning to go to school. As he got on board, el Mr. Gonzales smiled at him muy friendly. He had hardly sat down en uno de los asientos near the front of the school bus cuando su amigo el Freddy ran past him and up to the bus driver and asked if he could be el bus monitor. Unfortunately ya el Mr. Gonzales had given that job to Tonita and so el Freddy had to settle for the job of volteando el cranque that put the stop sign out cuando el bs would stop to pick up nike headbands a alguien. After picking up un bonche de muchitos in Las Colonias, the bus made a brief stop to let a los ms jvenes off el la escuelita de El Prado before continuing pa'l Junior High. While the students got settled, el mestro would read los announcements de un mimeograph page que tena letras purples that always gave you un buzz si lo ponas too close to your nose. Esa maana el Mr. Garca read en los announcements de que there was going to be un sock hop en el gym during lunchtime. Canutito had no idea qu era un "sock hop" so de suerte que el Freddy leaned over and told him que it was un baile where everybody took off their shoes pa' no scratchear the gym floor. Canutito wasn't sure de que he wanted to do this porque he was almost sure de que tena big holes in his socks and si tena las medias rotas, the girls would surely not want to be seen con l. Pero el Freddy assured him de que the lights were turned down low y nobody would be able to tell. Las clases nike watch de la maana seemed to drag on forever. La Mrs. Wilson les enseaba spelling pero de suerte que Canutito already knew cmo espeletear real good. Finally first period was over, and Canutito had to walk around the hall to his next class. Se le haca real strange que even though his next class was only one door back, he had to go all the way around el hall completamente porque it was one way traffic only. He could hardly concentrar in this class porque he could smell un queque that the girls were baking en la clase de 'Hom Ecomomix'. He could hear a las girls doing exercises in the little gym mientras que la mestra would teach them how to say cosas como "we must, we must, we must increase our bust," y tambin he could hear que decan: "the boys are getting bolder; we must increase our shoulder." None of this would make much sentido to him por muncho aos. Finally se lleg el tiempo del sock hop. This year haba un new musical group llamado Los Monarchs of Melody. They could always be counted on to play "Proud Mary" at least cinco veces, "Louie Louie" tres veces and "My Girl" dos veces. Pero este ao they were pretty killer con un new number called "Knock Tres Veces en el techo if you love me". Y naturalmente there were some Spanish numbers tambin como "La Bamba" and "La Mula Bronca". De repente la banda began to play el Mexican Fox Trot. Una muchita named Gladys grabbed al Canutito nike roshe e shoes de la mano and dragged him out onto the dance floor. Si de suerte que she knew what she was doing porque el pobre del Canutito didn't have a clue qu hacer. She put her arm around his waist and then she grabbed his hand and said "Agrrame de aqu", and off they went running back and forth with the other plebecita. Suddenly the msica stopped and la banda began un slow waltz. Right away todos locked arms. Tambin la Gladys grabbed al Canutito and hugged him murre close. She was nice and soft pero el Canutito didn't feel right about holding her tan cerquita. He had heard tell que en el Catholic school las hermanas would make the students dance con un balloon between them. If the balloon busted then the nuns would rush over y decirles "Leave room for the Holy Spirit! Leave room por el Holy Spirit!" After a little while, judging from el sock hop, Canutito decided que maybe esta escuela was a little bit more avanzada .