Posted by admin on July 21, 2017
Christina Richardson opens new clinic "If you're feet can't move, you're not going to get as far with your shoulder," Richardson said, explaining how foot injuries can cause shoulder pain. "Dysfunction in one area, even remote from where pain is, can affect that area of pain." That's the philosophy behind Richardson's new Traverse City practice,Mi Physical Medicine, that she opened in early March. Richardson is a physiatrist, or physical medical rehabilitation physician. She works with nerve, muscle and bone issues resulting from stroke, arthritis, brain and spinal cord injuries, sports injuries and disabilities. She helps patients increase their mobility and reduce their pain, starting with a physical examination and medical history review. The root of shoulder pain could be at the shoulder, or it could be at the feet, or spine. Richardson's new office has empty rooms that wait for other practitioners to join the clinic and open space that may someday host exercise classes. The room where Richardson sees patients is not outfitted with expensive machinery or computers, just a basic exam table and anelectromyogram, or EMG, used to study nerve performance. Most of Richardson's evaluations are done with the patient standing up to demonstrate range of motion. "The hallway is almost more important than the table," she said. Richardson writes prescriptions for patients after she evaluates them, then often sends them to physical therapy to practice exercises that will help them heal. She hopes those patients don't need to return for more help. "I hope nike roshe women you don't need me," Richardson said. "If it's bad for business, it's good for you." The clinic's name, Mi Physical Medicine, reflects that hope. "Mi" can stand for Michigan, but also for "my." Richardson tries to empower patients to have healthy lifestyles. The name also lends itself to future spin off businesses maybe 'Mi Fitness' or 'Mi Health', under which she can teach exercise and nutrition classes. "We want patients to say 'I'm in control of my physical health, my wellness, my fitness, my pain,'" Richardson said. Richardson, a graduate of Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, recently completed an Applied Functional Sciences fellowship at the Gray Institute. She learned more about rehabilitation at the Adrian based institute, and will embark on a second fellowship this year. "You're looking not just at the physical, but the emotional, all factors of somebody's life that contribute to pain," Richardson said about the fellowship. "You're not just treating someone with a medicine, nike 401k you're treating all factors." Richardson also is nike 4192 a Nike certified performance specialist, through a partnership between the Gray Institute and the athletic equipment company. She learned to help golfers reduce pain and improve swings. An injury that left her with two broken feet sparked Richardson's interest in the Gray Institute fellowship two years ago. She heard Gary Gray, the institute's founder, speak at a seminar about 15 years ago, and was reconnected with him after her injury. "A lot of us have things stacked against us, whether it's arthritis, or pending menopause, or weight or painful joints," she said. "If you're determined, there's a away to do it, a healthy way. Seek out support to get there."