Posted by admin on July 21, 2017
When should Businesses use apps In the current Age which we live in mobile apps have become a common, and in some cases essential, part of our day to day lives. A company having it own mobile app is something we come to expect and now we now find it strange if we went and bought something from a shop without in some waybeing encouragedto download their app. Some companies operate most prominently through an app, an example of this being the popular service Uber. This often seems pointless if you only making a one time purchase but if you a repeat customer it can greatly enhance yourexperience. But what does enhancing our experience mean? Well this can be defined in as many ways as there are people and can be done in many different ways. it could be as simple as the satisfaction from a free product received by accumulating in app points which can be exchanged for rewards, as done by Costa Coffee with their Coffee Club app, or something much more complicated like getting newly released itemsreserved for you on the app so you get the chance to purchase them before they get sold out, as Nike do on their appNike+. Most apps are incredibly useful for customers who often buy their products/use their services. However apps aren only made for the benefit of the customer, they can also be a great benefit to the business as well. For example, using the two examples mentioned earlier the Costa Coffee Club app has the effect of encouraging customers to come back to the store nike t-lite xi in order to accumulate more points on their account, this creates brand loyalty for their customers which is a vital thing for the type of market they in, with many competitors. On the other side of things the Nike+ app can do the above whilst also collecting information on purchasing habits of their customers so that they can target their advertising to them in the future. This article provides a list of benefits an app can give to a business More broadly put these examples show how the use of apps getthe customer to engage with the business. Customer engagement is said to be"intensity of nike 180 air customer participation with both representatives of the organisation and with other customers in a collaborative knowledge exchange process" (Wagner and Majchrzak, 2007). It is said to have the knock on effects on things like recommendations and how your business is reflected through word of mouth, this can lead to consequences like a boost in reputation among their friends and family (Van Doorn et. al. 2010). As well as this because the customer is engaging with the business it allows the business to get a better understanding of each customer needs and wants, allowing them to provide products or services which target this. If starting a business an app may not always be a good starting place. A business needs a decent sized customer base for an app to be worth itotherwise there is no one todownloadit and running it for a small number of people would be a be a needless expenditure. Another thing needed for an app to be successful is that there needs to be utility to it, if the customer experience isn enhancedthrough the use of the app there is no point of using it. For example, a banking app adds utility to the service as it allows customers to make transactions on the go allowing greater flexibility for the customer, but a plumbing company wouldn add anything to it service with an app as people don use their services on a regular basis, if an app exists that doesn add anything to a service then there is no point in that app. On top of all of this an app can be very expensive to develop depending on the type of app and small businesses may not be able to afford it regardless of whether or not they have a good idea To conclude what we discussed and to answer the questions posedin the title an app can be an incredibly useful resource for businesses and can add to their services if used in the correct way, Costa and Nike beinggreatexamples ofthis, and are absolutely worth having if done well. But it is not for every business, an app wouldn work for every type of business and babies r us nike shoes a strong consideration ofwhat this adds to the business is needed before it should be made. van Doorn. J, Lemon. K , Mittal. V, Nass. S, Pick. D, Pirner. P and Verhoef. P Engagement Behavior: Theoretical Foundations and Research Directions 2010