Posted by admin on July 21, 2017
Atlanta Hawks Nike Uniform Close They really polarizing.For me, there aspects of the jersey that are good like the color scheme, the font, the logo, then there some nike black shoes that are lukewarm like the triangles and the white. The black on black nike clearance in general I like pretty well.In certain combinations it just kinda tacky, like Volt on White, the triangles covering the jersey, but only part of the shorts, and I think the reason people are really criticizing it now is Nike/Hawks had a chance to the jerseys and keep the cool parts, but they didnMaybe we see it next year. I never expected them to nail it year one, but I would have hoped they would have tried to address some of the flaws with a changing manufacturer. Most of the critics would disappear if there were no triangles, IMO. I think nike juvenate they should scale back the triangles or something, then try some other unique design, I not against going for something non standard, I just don feel like they went about it in the best way. My problem is they tried to do too many new things at once.