Posted by admin on July 21, 2017
Oregon State grad makes stop in Casper during run across United States Thewhen, Holden Rennaker can explain. Thewhyis harder to articulate. The Portland, Oregon, native graduated from Oregon State in May and began his cross country journey by foot on June 20 from Lincoln City, Oregon, bottling up a travel sized Listerine container with Pacific Ocean saltwater that he plans to shepherdto the other side of the United States by mid October. With the relative financial security that accompanies a career in engineering, he could afford to postpone the responsibilities and obligations of the working world. He's still got his health and fitness from establishing Oregon State's running club his junior year, competing in middle distance events, and completing a marathon along way. Logistically, it all makes sense. But that doesn't account for the direct motivation. He could have traveled abroad, like some of his peers, or pursued other outlets as a reward for the labors of becoming the valedictorian of his high school and registering a 3.97 college GPA. Why he's doing it now doesn't reveal why he's doing it overall. "It's just a personal test, I suppose, to see if I can do it," said Rennaker, who arrived in Casper on Day 46 of his odyssey by running 25 miles from Goldeneye Reservoir on Tuesday. "It's a journey, I've come to realize. It's more than just a physical feat. There are all these other factors. I don't know how deep it could go." The genesis for his plans first sparked around March, when Rennaker realized he would need to let his parents know of his intentions before scheduling the summer's family vacation. Instead of joining them on a week long cruise to Alaska, he told his mother over the phone, he decided to forgo the trip for a chance to see what the rest of the country had to offer. Rennaker then began planning an itinerary with his friend,Sam Settlemeyer, who would accompany Rennaker all the way to Jackson for the first six weeks before returning to Oregon as he prepared his lesson plans as a first year teacher. While motherly instincts kicked in forDana Rennaker, her son's preparation and conviction in his plans helped subdue the shock of what was an unexpected decision. "At first I didn't believe him," Dana said. Holden received a satellite GPS tracker as a graduation present, which allows his friends and family to view his progress at all times. Dana has also helped with finding home cooked meals and warm beds now that he's on his own. As a result, he camps outside only about 50 percent of the time. In Casper, Holden stayed with his aunt's friend's brother, relying on any semblance of past acquaintances to help best ensure that the physical demands of his undertaking, rather than the discomforts of sleeping outdoors, are the most challenging to overcome. "My mom has a friend she went to college with in Chadron, Nebraska, and at the beginning I thought, 'Yeah, like I'm ever going to get to Chadron, Nebraska,'" Holden said. nike shoes at jcpenney "Think about how far that is. And that's my next planned rest stop a pretty sizable chunk of the map. It's pretty cool to realize that you made your legs go that far." Chadron marks roughly the halfway point for Rennaker, who just recently started on the second of what he expects to be three sets of Nike Free running shoes used, allotting 1,000 miles per pair. The first, properly worn, battered and tattered, have taken residence in a three wheel stroller he uses to transport all his necessities, including five gallons of water, a tent, food and various souvenirs such as license plates from each state he runs through. His food intake has varied, leaning toward the surprisingly un nutritional considering the circumstances. He's placed a greater importance on the amount of calories more than anything else, ingesting 6,000 per day thanks to a consistent diet of Cliff Bars, Pop Tarts, trail mix andpeanut M He cooks ravioli or macaroni and cheese at night, banking on at least one meal from a restaurant per day. The final destination isn't yet set in stone, though he expects to exit Wyoming by traveling from Casper to Douglas to Lusk before entering Nebraska. From there, he could reach the Atlantic Ocean somewhere north of the Chesapeake Bay in Delaware. Running haggard through Times Square in New York City is also a consideration, a decision he'll have plenty of time to weigh over as he continues his average pace of 7 minutes and 30 seconds per mile while running about 30 miles per day, for the next few months. "I've already started to get visualizations of how it's going to go down, even though it's still a long ways out," Rennaker said. "I'm going to just ditch the stroller and jump in and go swimming and probably get killed by a tidal wave. Survive the whole run and then that happens, carrying me out to the middle of the ocean."WHO: Portland, Oregon, native Holden Rennaker, who stopped in Casper on Day 46 of his cross countryodyssey to the Atlantic by running 25 miles from Goldeneye Reservoir. HE SAID IT:"My mom has a friend she went to college with in Chadron, Nebraska, and at the beginning I thought, 'Yeah, like I'm ever going to get to Chadron, Nebraska,' Think about how far that is. And that's my next planned rest stop a pretty sizable chunk of the map. It's pretty cool to realize that you made your legs go that far." Rennaker. To our brave and adventurous Holden,After reading your interview in the Casper Star Tribune it dawned on me that you might not realize the impact you have on all of us nike outlet alpine following you on your running nike outlet boise trek across the country. First of all, we are mentally running with you. Your blog is enlightening and terrific. As we read, we think, what would we have done if we were in your worn shoes? Would we have given up when you were shivering in a cold rain storm or pestered by a pack of dogs? Would we have sat in that disgusting overstuffed chair abandoned by a lake? (I don't think I would have eaten the piece of candy you found on the road even if it was in the wrapper but then again it might go well with a warm Gatorade.) Even though you don't have a "cause" you are running for, there is something wonderful unfolding here. We love reading about all the people you have met along the way who have given you food, shelter and company.