Posted by admin on July 21, 2017
Paris United Nike wants Paris to be its flagship team Paris St Germain tore apart Bayern Munich to win 3 0 in the Champions League on Wednesday as the French club's expensively assembled attack made another devastating statement of their potency Diego Costa doesn seem to take it too well as Chelsea manages to beat Atltico Madrid 2 1 thanks to a dying seconds goal from Michy Batshuayi in the Champions LeagueThis deal is far bigger than even people are realising for sponsorship. So far Messi and Ronaldo have never had a deal where club, national kit and boots are all sponsored by the same company. If Neymar becomes a challenger for the best player in the world moniker he will be the first in a new money era of football to have a 360 deal, Rooney had one but never could build to challenge Messi or Ronaldo. Neymar could become incredibly nike j crew important for future player deals, nike j crew sneakers and incredibly beneficial for Nike and their partnersAs someone who watches Ligue 1 , I used to hate them for pretty much buying their glory, but tbh these past few seasons Ligue 1 has been so much more fun to watch and thinking back I think it because of PSG. They dominated for 5 years and are going to continue but I think in the long run it will be good for Ligue 1 as it will attract investors and we already seen this with Marseille and Lille being bought. Foreign managers are also starting to take interest and it wouldn surprise me to see a big nike tiempo name like Mourinho at PSG in a 3 or 4 years. In fact, I fear it could be our demise. Many of my friends, and fans I know, loved our time in the lower leagues because we integrated with real football and real fans. Yes, we blessed with class, and in some cases world class, footballers now, but I fear the struggle and effort to sustain a lower top half team like ourselves will be too much for investors. They not part of the DNA. It quite worrying. There a line that shouldn be crossed that slowly being erased. Once sponsors and outside parties start dictating what goes on on the pitch then the game itself becomes nothing more than a marketing exercise. You could argue that it already is in some respects, but it could definitely be taken further. Sponsors care about income/exposition of their brand. Insofar this doesn effect performance, they don care about it. It also why they like the purchase of star player. Not because of performance, but exposition. Real Madrid went almost a decade quite unsuccessful. But did it matter in terms of the sponsors they had and income? No. Why? Because their popularity was still huge, and they had growth every single year. I think it wqs Pellegrini who said how he could not produce good results with the team because Real Madrid had maybe many stars, but few complimented each other for the needed task. Man Utd is another example. So a sponsor might have a clause where they want them to be in CL. But that is only so they and their brand get more exposure.