Posted by admin on July 21, 2017
Can women learn to enjoy sex "What guys who I shag will never understand is that I had more doctors than boyfriends prod and poke my parts during my sexual awakening," the 28 year old said. "My mother, growing up in a time when sex wasn't for pleasure, never spoke of enjoyment, only shame. How the hell does a smart, successful nike dri fit shorts and beautiful woman with a history of seemingly healthy relationships wind up feeling this way about the most natural activity on earth? Then I realise what she says sounds all too familiar my friend is speaking for a generation of women who are screwed up over shagging. This is a problem that needs to be rectified. It's a problem that leads to bigger problems like marriage breakdowns or sex for self esteem. But how to fix something like this? Or as she later put it, "How do you teach an old dog new tricks?" Well there's certainly a lot that doesn't help. Not being able to effectively communicate these sorts of feelings for one or feeling that these feelings will be listened too and not laughed at. "A lot of men don't understand. Men have been having carefree sex forever and these men, or boys, simply can't appreciate what it's like to grow up with internal sex organs and internalised sex trauma," she went on. "And now that I'm older and wiser, I'm more able to separate the boys from the men, but there were years in my twenties when I felt pretty rotten about not being a sex minx. "Unfortunately, nowadays it's not just blokes who make you feel bad for not loving sex as much as they do it's women and crap American television as well." As someone who's had the fortune to find a job where thinking and talking about sex is part of the task description, I might not share the exact same headspace as her but as a woman who is only lately coming to understand the power of sex (beyond man ipulation or ego exercise) I can most definitely empathise. And I feel that change begins with an open conversation so that's what I want to talk about today. Sex: do you like it or not? And why? As for the sex? I enjoy it. All of it. Even the nights when we're half asleep but go for it anyway. More often than not we end up laughing all the way through, not at each other, but because we're thoroughly enjoying ourselves! Admittedly, I was a little promiscuous in my very early twenties (safety first!), so I don't know whether nike 7 inch shorts this has influenced my attitude towards the deed. I do know that I came to view one nighters as simply that, and was able to remove any emotional attachment (shagging like a boy?). The only guilt I felt during this time, referring back to my first point, was when a supposed best friend implied I was something of a harlot. Ouch. I had a previous partner that was like that and it took a long time for her to open up (sorry, bad joke) and tell me why she felt so sheltered about sex. so we talked, and we talked, and we talked, and gradually overtime she felt comfortable enough to try new things. the biggest thing with her was being able to try these things with someone who she knew wasn't going to judge her. Time has passed and she still remains as insatiable as ever (i think she's making up for lost time) and she has even come so far as to being the first person my Mistress and i contact when we're looking for a third. communication, respect, and safety I wonder if the same can be said for Gen Y especially those coming later, and the seemingly insatiable amount of avenues (such as this one) to discuss these topics. I think the womens lib stuff brought about women being able nike shoes metcon to explore themselves however I think the part where two are invlolved was potentially lost. I see this as evolutionary and perhaps the journey needed that step first before the second step. Personally, I like sex (although I am male) thereby socially conditioned to like it and need it 24/7 (jk) (no seriously) and my wife tells me she likes it so we are all good. I dont think they're screwed up over shagging I just think that they are more generally screwed up and shagging is one of the areas where that underlying iceberg of issues reaches the surface to create havoc, because we're a very sexualised society and it's treated as just about the most important thing there is. The fact that your friend (and many others like her) is apparently so dependant on other people's opinions and american television's adolescant fantasies tells you that this is more than just a sex issue, it's a confidence and self esteem issue.