Posted by admin on July 21, 2017
Mobility Products at Trend Micro Microsoft working with Asian component suppliers to test its own smartphone design HP CEO Meg Whitman saying that while she does not expect her company to release a smartphone until 2014 at the earliest, HP will be a major force in the tablet and mobile PC markets. After trying to be snarky and biting with its court ordered apology to Samsung, and being reprimanded by the UK court and told to fix it, Apple putting a second, simple, much less back handed "Samsung's dumb and we're the coolest" apology on their UK webpage. Apple's share of the tablet market collapsing in the third nike golf bag quarter, according to new data from ICD. IDC says Apple has 50.4 per cent of the tablet market, down from 65.5 per cent in previous quarter. After launching the nike in store coupons iPAd Mini, nike instagram Apple says it had sold 3 million iPads over the weekend, doubling its previous iPad launch in March A federal US judge throwing out a lawsuit by Apple alleging that Google owned Motorola Mobility's patent licensing practices were unfair Gartner predicting that the unstoppable rise of smartphones and tablets will see 1.2 billion of the devices being bought worldwide next year IDC finding that three out of every four smartphones sold in the third quarter featured Google Inc's Android mobile operating system, as the gap between Google and Apple Inc based phones widened further. Samsung looking to undergo a radical brand makeover with a complete new look set to be unveiled at the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas in January. Samsung has engaged a design team who have been involved in brand development for Nike and that the new look is designed to present Samsung with a more vibrant International brand image alongside the likes of arch rival Apple. Yahoo and Samsung inking a deal to bring the Yahoo platform to Samsung 2012 Smart TVs Google losing market share in China Sharp forecasting a record $5.6 billion full year loss and says there is "material doubt" about its ability to survive. Qantas partnering with Optus to launch a free Wi Fi service to Qantas Lounges in 20 airports Australia. Victoria Racing Club (VCR) partnering with Cisco in a bid to make Melbourne's Flemington Racecourse the home of the Melbourne Cup the most technology advanced racecourse in the world.